Runablaze February 2013

runablazeDes Moines – January 22, 2013

Mason Frank won his first trail race, Rocks and Roots 10K in 40:53 (Columbus, OH, Jan. 20). Mason relates, “It was a gorgeous single track trail that had a lot of switchbacks and looped around a beautiful lake.”

Chris Robertson ran a 5000 meter 15:32.07 at the ISU Open indoor track meet (Jan. 18).  Chris states, “Coming off of some piriformis and achilles problems and haven’t been training properly. Motivated to get healthy and work hard for the rest of the season now.”  Also running the 5000 was Rob Duncan 15:56.97 and Nate Hoop 16:07.30.  In the mile race Kristy Harken (Feldman) ran 5:10.95.

Nate Hopp won the Amana Freezer Run 5K (Jan. 26) in 16:08 better than his winning time last year in 16:18.

Iowan’s in the news – Lisa Uhl is moving to Des Moines, she ran the Houston Half-Marathon (Jan. 13) in 1:13:28, PR.  Diane Nukuri-Johnson is included in the elite runners signed up to run Boston Marathon (Apr. 15).

A computer glitch (user error) and a southwest vacation delayed these e-mails.  Featured in this e-mail and the next ones will be Danna Herrick, Kristy Feldman, Mason Frank and Jason Flogel, all Runablaze Iowa 2012 Runners of the Year.

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2012 FEMALE Runner of the Year – Danna Herrick (Kelly)
It was a banner year for Danna, too.  The year started out with a 2:45:42 at
the Olympic Marathon Trials and ended with another solid marathon in
2:46:24.  Danna other road times were just as good, 8K in 29:15, 10 mile in
59:22, 20K in 1:15:38 and 1:19:41 in the Half-Marathon.  All of Danna times
were PRs or almost best times too.

* What made 2012 a great running year for you?
I have noticed a trend in the past busy years: I am happiest when I am busy and am challenged by time management skills, ultimately producing optimal outcomes in all areas of my life. 2012 proved this to be DEAD ON. I started the year out with the biggest race of my life, at the Trials, and seemed to propel that motivation and excitement into the entire year. With many big changes to come within the year, I had made a lengthy list of goals on my iphone. I disciplined myself to focus on one-at-a-time, knocking off one goal before looking ahead to the next. The great thing was, that each goal I crossed off only snow-balled mental and physical drive to attack the next goal. By the end of the year, it is hard to believe how many things can be accomplished with just a little discipline and a lot of balance in life.

* How did you start running and what was your HS/College running career?
I used to run loops of 0.6 miles around my neighborhood in 5th grade because I wanted to beat every boy in the “1 mile test” at school. (Now, I still do that… just longer loops, in order to beat my husband). I was a 4 sport athlete and active in dance during my high school career. I enjoyed cross and track, but it was never super intense at Boone High School.  I suffered a torn ACL in basketball as a sophomore and gave golf a try, missing my spring Track season that year. It really put my athletic drive and appreciation for running into perspective. During my senior year in HS, I knew I wanted to participate in a sport in college and realized that I had could improve my running, a lot, while still being a part of a team.  I ran at Truman State University (Kirksville, MO Division II) obtaining my goal of All-American in cross country and All-American in the steeplechase during track season, finishing 3rd in the nation at my last collegiate career race. I seemed to really improve each year of college, with smart training and coaching.

* How do you train during the winter?
I like to brave the cold days outdoors, I think it makes you tough and is a challenge, mentally. With not-so-safe footing, I will resort to the tready if the workout requires speed, though I highly dislike the rolling belt. I have begun to enjoy alternate options, such as spin classes and getting in the pool. The winter is the best time for me to let the body and mind relax from intense running, and try out other aerobic fun…before specific race training begins.

* What Iowa race is special to you?
Dam to Dam. 2 weeks after ending my collegiate career, I decided to run (2009) and finished 5th. Robyn Friedman pulled me aside after awards and encouraged me to apply for Runablaze Iowa… the rest is history. Thanks Rob!

* What race distance do you enjoy the most?
Currently, 26.2  … give me a few years, and that may change.

* If no one was listening, tell us your secret to running success?


About Runablaze Iowa
Runablaze Iowa athletes are based throughout Iowa.  Formed in 2006, the
purpose of the team is to improve post-collegiate Iowa distance running.
Major Iowa running specialty stores, Iowa races and Iowa runners at those
races support Runablaze Iowa.

Cal Murdock – Team Manager

Robyn Friedman – Team President

Learn more about the team, visit the web site that includes the resume of the 34 team members and past running highlights.  1300 of the best Iowa runners, race directors, coaches, volunteers & fans receive this e-mail.

Runablaze Iowa is sponsored by:

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