This Day in XC History: November 20

Marquette Women back in 2000
Audrey (Schiltz) Ferrin- Dowling Catholic-1st row 2nd from right


It was the coldest I’d ever been in my life.  The wind-chill factor in Ames, Iowa, the site of the NCAA Div.I X-Country Championships, registred a numbing 19-below! Coaches and friends I’d known for years were bundled up so much they were barely recognizable. But the cold weather didn’t stop Penn Relays Director Dave Johnson and me, along with T&F News correspondent Don Kopriva, from hopping on a golf cart to follow the races around the Iowa State course. We’d done this before, so how bad could it be? Well, with Johnson at the wheel, with only a pair of socks(!) on his hands, and his beard offering minimum protection for his face, he would scream in agony every time we drove into the teeth of the wind that was sweeping the open field. Aah, the things we do to cover our sport!

The races were almost secondary in importance to survival on this brutal day, but not to the runners, who wore varying degrees of protective clothing, as can be seen in this video of the men’s race  CLICK HERE!..

No one in the men’s race wanted to fight the 15mph wind, so there was a lot of jostling to fall in behind other runners early in the race. The field eventually strung out, with FDU’s Stephen Ondieki and Alabama’s David Kimani, the defending champion, leading the front group. Providence’s Keith Kelly, a senior from Ireland, capped an undefeated season by outsprinting Ondieki in the final 1/4-mile(with the wind now at his back) to capture the individual title.   Kelly, admittedly a better runner in x-country than he was on the track, talks about the 2000 season CLICK HERE!.


Not among the pre-race favorites, Arkansas(83) surprised by winning its 3rd straight team title, beating Colorado(94) and Providence(121). With assistant coach (and future husband) Adam Goucher shouting instructions from the sidelines, Colorado senior Kara Grgas-Wheeler came from behind to win the women’s race. Her victory led Colorado(117) and head coach Mark Wetmore to their first NCAA team title. Finishing 2nd and 3rd were Brigham Young(167) and Stanford(198).

Other notable finishers:


  • 4.Shalane Flanagan(North Carolina),
  • 5.Lisa Aguilera(Arizona State),
  • 6.Amy Mortimer(Kansas State),
  • 11.Lauren Fleshman(Stanford),
  • 31.Kate O’Neill(Yale),
  • 32.Laura O’Neill(Yale)
  • (editors note: Audrey Schiltz –Dowling Catholic- Marquette finished 221st. She was a freshman that year.)


  • 3.Jorge Torres(Colorado),
  • 4.David Kimani(Alabama),
  • 10.Jonathon Riley(Stanford),
  • 19.Steve Slattery(Colorado),
  • 24.Daniel Lincoln(Arkansas),
  • 32.Ed Moran(Wiliam&Mary),
  • 48.Don Sage(Stanford)

Complete Results

While many were rushing back to the warmth of their local homes or hotels, Dave Johnson and I embarked on the 2nd half of our sporting doubleheader. Being rabid baseball fans, we weren’t about to pass up a chance to visit the “Field of Dreams”, the site of the 1989 movie starring Kevin Costner.

As he’s walking through a cornfield in the movie’s opening scene, Costner’s character hears a voice saying, “If you build it, he will come”(often misquoted as “they will come”). Well, they built the baseball field in Dyersville, Iowa, where the legends of the game came to play(in the movie), and fans of all ages have been visiting the site ever since.

Like two little kids reliving their youth, Dave and I grabbed a baseball from one of the two souvenir shops on the site, played catch (nothing like tossing around a hardball barehanded in freezing weather), ran the bases, and sat in the same bleachers where Costner and his family (and James Earl Jones) watched the magical games unfolding before them.

We even strolled through the cornfield where the players would disappear after each game. The corn had long ago been harvested, but Dave managed to find a few fallen ears that he took home as potential Christmas gifts!  We’re both diehard track/x-country fans, but this was by far the highlight of our 2-sport day!

The site was sold in 2011 to a company that changed the name of the attraction to “All-Star Ballpark Heaven”, with plans to host annual baseball and softball tournaments. It’s unclear at this time whether or not the site still retains its original charm.

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Irish Olympian Neil Cusack, a junior at East Tennessee State, pulled away from the field early in the race on his way to a comfortable win at the NCAA Div.I X-Country Championships in Houston. Runnerup Doug Brown, who also competed in the Munich Olympics during the summer (steeplechase), led Stan Huntsman’s Tennessee Volunteers to the team title..

Other notable finishers:


  • 7.Mike Keogh(Manhattan),
  • 9.Nick Rose (Western Kentucky),
  • 11.Tony Waldrop(North Carolina),
  • 16.John Hartnett(Villanova),
  • 38.Charlie Maguire(Penn State),
  • 40.Mike Slack(North Dakota State),
  • 43.John Ngeno(Washington State)

Complete Results CLICK HERE!


Washington State’s Henry Rono was going for his 3rd straight NCAA X-Country title, but the sub-20 temperatures in Madison, Wisconsin, a wrong turn, and a sprained ankle were more than even the great Kenyan could overcome as he finished  237th out of 241 finishers.  Taking advantage of Rono’s misfortunes,  Oregon junior Alberto Salazar, who joined Rono on his slight detour early in the race, came from behind to win over a talented field that included some current college coaches:

Such as current coaches…

  • UTEP’s Michael Musyoki(2nd),
  • Arizona’s Thom Hunt(3rd),
  • UTEP’s Suleiman Nyambui(4th),
  • Wisconsin’s Steve Lacy(5th),
  • Oregon’s Don Clary(7th),
  • Wheaton’s Dan Henderson (10th–won the Div.III title 2 days earlier),
  • UTEP’s James Munyala(12th),
  • Oregon’s Rudy Chapa(14th),
  • Indiana freshman Jim Spivey(15th),
  • Providence’s Dan Dillon(19th),
  • Wisconsin’s Jim Stintzi(20th),
  • Providence’s Ray Treacy (23rd),
  • Minnesota’s Steve Plasencia(25th),
  • Northeastern’s Bruce Bickford (29th),
  • Brigham Young’s Doug Padilla(34th),
  • UTEP’s Rodolfo Gomez (40th), who would finish 2nd to Salazar at the 1980 and 1982 NY City Marathon,
  • Kentucky’s Mark Nenow(47th).

Complete Results CLICK HERE!


Senior Vicki Huber’s individual win led Villanova to the first of what would become an amazing 6 straight Div.I team titles.

The additional scorers for coach “Uncle” Marty Stern were

  • Kathy Franey(12),
  • Sonia O’Sullivan(26),
  • Kim Certain(50),
  • Cheri Goddard(56).

Getting a 1-2 finish from John Nuttall and Jonah Koech, Iowa State beat Oregon(54-72) to win its first men’s team title. It was the final collegiate race for Huber, who won a total of 8 NCAA individual titles during her career.

Other notable finishers:


  • 2.Valerie McGovern(Kentucky),
  • 3.Michelle Dekkers(Indiana),
  • 70.Fran Bensel(Nebraska)


  • 5.Bob Kennedy(Indiana),
  • 6.Todd Williams(Tennessee),
  • 7.Shannon Butler(Montana State),
  • 8.Brad Hudson(Oregon),
  • 9.Mark Croghan(Ohio State),
  • 27.Terrenca Mahon(Villanova),
  • 101.John Trautmann(Georgetown),
  • 102.Reuben Reina(Arkansas)

Complete Results




Adams State swept the Div.II team titles, scoring a low 25 points to win the men’s race.

Individual winners were

  • Shane Healy(Adams)
  • Elva Dryer(Western St)
  • North Central won the Div.III men’s title with a (still) record low-score of 32 points.
  • SUNY-Cortland won its 4th women’s title in the last 5 years

Individual champions were

  • Dan Mayer of North Central and
  • Renea Bluekamo of Calvin.


Villanova’s 6-year reign as Div.I Champion came to an end as the Wildcats finished 3rd(151) in the women’s race in Ames,Iowa, behind Providence(88) and Colorado123).  Wisconsin senior Kathy Butler won the individual title over Arizona’s Amy Skieresz(16:51-16:56). Godfrey Siamusiye’s 1st-place finish led Arkansas to its 8th men’s team title.

Other notable finishers:


  • 3.Jen Rhines (Villanova),
  • 7.Carrie Tollefson(Villanova),
  • 9.Melody Fairchild(Oregon)


  • 2.Mark Carroll(Providence, coach-Auburn),
  • 6.Adam Goucher(Colorado),
  • 8.Kevin Sullivan(Michigan),
  • 9.Meb Keflezighi(UCLA),
  • 11.Bob Keino(Arizona),
  • 24.Alan Culpepper(Colorado),
  • 37.John Mortimer(Michigan),
  • 53.Pascal Dobert(Wisconsin),
  •  84.Brent Hauser(Stanford),
  • 86.Seneca Lassiter(Arkansas),
  • 104.Brad Hauser(Stanford),
  • 116.Marko Koers(Illinois),
  • 146.Robert Gary(Ohio STate)

Complete Results



Wartburg senior Missy Buttry won her 3rd straight NCAA Div.III X-Country title. Teammate Josh Moen won the men’s race for the 2nd year in a row. Calvin(M) and Williams(W) won the team titles.  Buttry, who won a total of 14 NCAA Div.3 titles, is married to Andrew Rock, the 2004 Olympic gold medalist in the 4×400 relay. Rock is the head coach at Bethel University in St.Paul, Minnesota.

  • The Next Level Iowa’s Story about Missy Buttry Rock CLICK HERE!


Texas Tech’s Sally Kipyego(20:11.1) easily beat Colorado’s Jenny Barringer(20:37.9) to win the NCAA Div.I women’s title at Indiana State. BYU’s Josh Rohatinsky won the men’s race, while Stanford(W) and Colorado(M) won the team titles.

Other notable finishers:


  • 27.Susan Kuijken(Florida State),
  • 28.Angela Bizzari(Illinois),
  • 36.Lisa Koll(Iowa State),
  • 87.Frances Koons(Villanova),
  • 97.Sarah Bowman(Tennessee),
  • 162.Liz Costello(Princeton),
  • 172.Lauren Centrowitz(Stanford),
  • 173.Bridget Franek(Penn State),
  • 185.Heather Dorniden(Minnesota)


  • 4.Lopez Lomong(Northern Arizona),
  • 6.Galen Rupp(Oregon),
  • 10.Robert Cheseret(Arizona),
  • 12.Brent Vaughn(Colorado),
  • 16.Sam Chelanga(Liberty),
  • 18.Tim Nelson(Wisconsin),
  • 27.Josh McDougal(Liberty),
  • 54.Leo Manzano(Texas),
  • 56.Billy Nelson(Colorado),
  • 59.Ben True (Dartmouth),
  • 73.Chris Solinsky(Wisconsin),
  • 81.Brett Gotcher(Stanford),
  • 93.Wesley Korir(Louisville)

Complete Results


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