Denna Herrick “The Names are Changed to Protect the Innocent.

Des Moines – November 20, 2012

Danna Herrick (Kelly) was 4th at Living History Farms in 48:39.  Her new last name has worked to her advantage says Danna, “My name change has become a great alias for my competitors . . . it has been kind of fun, being the surprise entry”.  Casey Owens ran non-competitively, finishing in 58:43.

Runablaze Iowa did not field a male or female team, they ran as individuals or on other teams, giving others a chance to win?  If they had run as a team they would have won – – the male team of Frank, Robertson, Sevcik (David) and Sabljakovic would have scored a 2:02:50 and the female team of Herrick, Hamel, Price and Owens a 2:32:01 time.

Marie Schofer will be out of competition, she and Dan Schofer will be expecting their first child in April.  Marie is the team’s top indoor track athlete while Dan is the coach of Cornell College in Mt Vernon.

– – – – – –

The tidbits November 14 e-mail got a lot of reaction, especially from long time veterans of Iowa road racing.

* From Paul Schmidt, President of the Cornbelt Running Club (Davenport): “Our club, Cornbelt Running Club, strives to keep entry fees low.  It pained me to raise the entry fee of our club owned half marathon, Quad Cities Distance Classic this year (still half the fee of most national half-marathons) and our entry fees for our club owned Bix 7 race are quite low by national caliber standards.”
“The lack of competition, or the loss of desire to run hard these days – – It’s more about participation than performance.  So many people don’t know what they’re missing.  Obsession with finisher medal design
trumps the act of running well.  Go figure.”

* The Color Run drew many comments . . .
From Jan Atchinson (Rhodes): “Sad though that the Color Run didn¹t bless us with profits.”
From Lisa Klein (Des Moines): “I knew there was a reason I did not promote the Color Run!!!”
From Mike Froehle (Cedar Falls): “It is a bit pitiful when the biggest “run” in the state is something where people get colored powder thrown on them.”

* From Dave Nauman (Mason City): “I started road racing in the late 70’s.  Back then we ran with the  thought of getting faster. We competed.  We thought the purpose of a race  was to race. We did not need all the bells and whistles of the races today. Just an acturate course, a stopwatch and competiors.  But I also  see the positive effects the running boom has created.  Healthy lifestyles, stress relief, social outlet and many more.”

* From Dave Mable of Momentum Magazine (Des Moines): “Entry fees are too high. Big races are either for the wealthy – or force people to choose, 1 big race or 10 small, local races. That’s too bad. I feel the crunch and race much much less frequently than I use to, just because of the registration fees.

* From Jim Shimek (Fairfax): “Seems as though many have forgotten the basics of a good road race over the years.  If you provide a safe course, an accurate course, water, and a reasonable entry fee, the essentials have been met. The rest is just fluff and serves to rapidly increase the price and chance something will go wrong or be overlooked.”

Lastly concerning the story of Alex Ntagawa featured in Momentum magazine, he finished 16th at the Nike XC Heartland Regional (South Dakota, Nov. 10) just behind Iowa State XC Champion Jason Thomas, who finished 12th.”

Learn more about the team, visit the web site
About Runablaze Iowa
Runablaze Iowa athletes are based throughout Iowa.  Formed in 2006, the purpose of the team is to improve post-collegiate Iowa distance running.  Major Iowa running specialty stores, Iowa races and Iowa runners at those races support Runablaze Iowa.


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