The Native Iowan Fantasy XC Team Dominates D2 Regionals!

Alana Enabnit-Wartburg/Clear Lake

The head coach for the all Iowa Fantasy XC team Myles Pace was beaming at the post race press conference as he tried to wrap his mind around the fact that his team won all of the D2 regional meets,  two by scoring an anemic score of 21 points.  Meaghen Nelson would have won all the regional meets as she and her Cyclone teammates continue their drive for the NCAA Championships November 17 in Louisville.  The rest of the scorers all finished in the top ten.

  • Meaghan Nelson-ISU/CR Xavier-1st-20:10
  • Shelby Houlihan-Az State/SC East-2nd-20:25
  • Katie Flood-Washington/Dowling Catholic-5th-21:04
  • Katie Moen-ISU/Wapsie Valley-6th-21:20
  • Alana Enabnit-Wartburg/Clear Lake-7th-21:24

Next up for the Native Iowa Women are the D1 Regionals!


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