Our New All Iowan Fantasy XC Team!

The Next Level Iowa will be creating a mythical “All Native Iowan” collegiate men’s and women’s cross country team and project how a team made of only our native Iowans would fair in meets coming up this season, including the National Championships.  We think it would be a fun yet interesting way to see how our Iowans would stand up to the nation’s best.  We will projecting our top women’s and men’s times and include them in the results of the upcoming meets in order to project how our team would score in each meet.  Let us know what you think!

Fantasy Cross Country Press Conference

The Native Iowan Head Cross Country Coach Myles Pace announced his women’s varsity team which will be in action this coming weekend at ALL the various up coming conference meets  at all levels.

All Iowan Women’s Team
  • Meaghan Nelson, ISU/CR Xavier
  • Shelby Houlihan, Az St/SC East
  • Katie Flood, UW/Dowling
  • Katy Moen, ISU/Wapsie Valley
  • Talyor Peterson, ISU/Gladbrook-Reinbeck
  • Bethany Olson, ISU/South Hamilton
  • Alana Enabnit-Wartburg/Clear Lake

Mark Bloom of “The Harrier” asked the coach if he thought the rigorous competition schedule of that many conference meets in one weekend would be wise at this point in the season with nationals only a few weeks away.  Coach Pace dismissed the question and retorted, these are highly trained athletes and are perfectly capable of not only handling the work load but will excel doing so.

Look for Coach Pace’s announcement  of his men’s team coming soon!

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