“My Dreams, My Sweat, My Tears My Way!”-by Obsie Birru

As I look back on my collegiate career I would say it’s been one amazing journey that I will never forget. I have been so blessed to meet so many strangers, whom I now call friends. Many of these friends have helped me with my struggles and refuse to give up on me. To have coaches and parents that don’t only just coach, but inspire me as an athlete and a person. God has been so good to me and has given me memories and friendships that will last lifetime. Thank you to all the Parents, Coaches, Teachers, and Teammates for all your help you have given.” If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” (Isaac Newton)

While my college running career was coming to an end, I still knew I had some unfinished business with running to take care of.  My desire to reach my highest potential, my love for the sport, and the people involved in the sport has always kept the fire burning in me.    The transition from college to the work working world, or as some calls it “the real world”, can be very stressfully time for young adults.  For me it was a choice of deciding if I wanted to pursue my dream through my running goals, or do what’s expected of me and “get a real job”.  As graduation approached it seemed like for the first time in my life I only had one plan. I had applied to a few running clubs, but I had no idea how everything was going turn out. It was way too uncertain for my me, as coach Green likes to Says I am a very “particular girl”.  I knew I wanted to keep running and keep chasing my running dreams, but I did not know how to pursue this.  One thing I did know was to keep believing that God had plan for my life and dreams.

I was also very lucky to have been surrounded by the friends and the family I have. These people loved me and help make my transition easier.  They made me realize I will be able to pursue my running dreams because the fact that they never gave up on me. My last track season turned out to be somewhat of a rough patch as my college season came to an end, but I had some great people who encouraged me even on the days I gave up on myself.  Most of my inspiration came from friends and family such as my high school coach, Patrick Hennes and his wife Beth. I’m so grateful to have had these people in my life.

 I graduated this past spring from Grand View University with Degree in Health Promotion. I made a big decision to move 18 hours from all my family and friends to see how far my growing potential as a runner can come.  Now looking at this tough decision, I am glad I took this great opportunity that God has given me.  He not only has given me a chance to grow as a runner, but also as a person. He has given me chance to put my heart and Soul into something I am so passionate about.  On this journey I feel so blessed by how much support I am getting from my friends, family, and former coaches from the Grand View and Des Moines community.

On July 28 I joined a team in The Woodlands Texas called, Team Green Running.  This club is a USATF club racing team sponsored by Adidas that is based out of Woodlands Texas, which is just North of Houston. Why join Team Green? I feel like in the past 8 years I have done only what is comfortable. I never really have tested my limits outside of comfort zone.  I figured it’s a great chance to figure out myself as a person.

While visiting the Woodlands in early July, I it was a place I could enjoy my running. One thing I can recall was how beautiful the area was and the many inspiring trails around the city. The name really fits it the town because it’s covered with woods.  I also really enjoyed Coach Green and his philosophy on training.  With this came his “old school values” and of commodore and hard work, this was exactly what I was looking for. His coaching background is also very impressive. He has coached for 30 years as the head track and cross country coach at the Woodlands high school and has won 16 State Championships with multiple individual State Titles. He has also been selected as a head coach of two USA National teams. This has led to him given many motivation speech to clinics around the United States. Before starting Team Green Adidas, Coach Green was the meet director of the NXN South Cross Country meets.

With organizing speed camps for the past 20 years, he has seen it all and knows how to develop talented teams.  At this level it’s really important to make sure I am pushed, but also knowing when too much is too much. It’s important to work with a coach who believes in their athletes and are willing to go the extra mile for their athletes.    The post colligate running World it’s not about glamor, but commitment and sacrifice which is very critical when done in the right environment.

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