Jason – best since 1989 and Danna – 7th best ever at Pursuit

Des Moines – September 24, 2012

Learn more about the team, visit the web site Runablaze.com

Runablaze Iowa sweep the 30th Capital Pursuit 10 mile (Des Moines, Sept. 23).  Jason Flogel‘s time of 51:10 was the best since 1989 when Mike Carney won.  Luke Demmel was 2nd in 54:23 and Martin Popp 5th in 55:52.
The women were even more impressive as they took the top 4 places with Danna Kelly 1st in 59:22, good for 7th best time ever beating her 2011 time of 59:46.  Ellen Ries was 2nd in 1:00:15, Traci Kresser 3rd in 1:00:25, Casey McDermott 4th in 1:01:28 and Katie Hamel 6th in 1:03:31.
In the 5K Mason Frank won in 15:04 and Chris Robertson was 2nd in 15:17.

Luke Demmel won the 27th Oktemberfest (Marshalltown, Sept. 22) in 35:07.  This sleepy little race has had better times, literally.  ISU Jonathan Brown set the record in 1993 of 28:52 and later was 4th (twice) in the Olympic Marathon representing Great Britian.  Jon was in Sydney (2000) just 7 second from the bronze and Athens (2004) just 15 seconds from the bronze.  Other Olympians that ran the race Bob Kempainen (US-Marathon), Patrick Sang (Kenyan-Steeplechase) and Rodney DeHaven (US-Marathon).  There were 11 sub 30 minute men’s times at the race and 19 sub 36 minute women’s times at the race.

On a personal note it was good to see the 30th Capital Pursuit, after starting it in 1983.  It had some great years including 1985 when Phil Coppess (Clinton) ran a 48 minutes flat, a few weeks later he set the Twin Cities Marathon record which still stands of 2:10:06.  Cal

About Runablaze Iowa
Runablaze Iowa athletes are based throughout Iowa.  Formed in 2006, the purpose of the team is to improve post-collegiate Iowa distance running.  Major Iowa running specialty stores, Iowa races and Iowa runners at those races support Runablaze Iowa.

Cal Murdock – Team Public Relations

Robyn Friedman – Team President


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