Marathons, Road Racing and a “real sport” Cross Country . . .

Three team members took on the Iowa State XC course (Heartland Classic, Sept. 15) in the college division 8K.  Mason Frank ran a 26:29, new team member David Sevcik a 26:38 and Chris Robertson 27:38.  ISU runner Mohamen Hrezi won in 25:21.  Cross Country running is a fall tradition, at least with high school and college runners – as thousands toe the line every week at Iowa meets.

Luke Demmel at the last minute entered the Sioux Fall Half Marathon (Sept. 9) and finished 3rd in 1:10:15.

Joe Aulwes updates, “August 31st I fell off an extension ladder while painting my house. The ladder slid straight out from under near me and I fell 14ft on concrete. I broke three bones in my foot (metatarsals and cubiod) and one bone in my hand. Fortunately it won’t require surgery and as long as I don’t push it too soon I will be able to run again after lots of rebab. It could have been worse.”  Joe will be back training and racing in 2013.

Great news from Iowa runners (although not Runablaze Iowa team members)

**  Olympian Diane Nukuri-Johnson graces the cover Running Times (Oct. issue).  Her 8-page story inside the magazine is a triumph of spirit and running strength – a beautiful article.  Layne Anderson her coach spotted her talent early and knew she was ready for great things prior to the 2011 LA Marathon.  He says, “A workout that really opened my eyes . . . was a 2 X 3 mile with 4-minute recovery that she ran in 15:24 and 15:04”.

**  Olympian Lisa Uhl will be returing to Iowa and taking up residency in Ames.  David Monti of Race Results Weekly (Sept. 13) reports, “I feel like I gave up being close to my family and a lot of other things involved in my life that weren’t revolving around running,” she said.  “I think taking balance out of my life has been difficult for me.  I think I need to get back to a situation where I have more balance in my life outside of running and I think that will help me perform better athletically.”

Iowa is proud to have Diane and Lisa part of the running community!

Learn more about the team, visit the web site


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