Bill runs 1:08:10 and Moeller runs 1:19:36 at Park to Park

Des Moines – September 9, 2012

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A speedy Park to Park Half-Marathon (Cedar Falls, Sept. 8) included 7 team members scoring in the top 10.  Randy Bill was 5th in 1:08:10,Jason Flogel 7th in 1:09:10 and Adam Condit 8th in 1:09:58.  On the women’s side Erin Moeller was 4th in 1:19:36, Danna Kelly 5th in 1:20:01, followed closely by Traci Kresser in 1:20:05 and Ellen Ries 7th in 1:21:01.  The race was won in a men’s time of  1:04 and women’s time of 1:15!

Mason Frank took 1st in 15:22 at the Captain Midnight 5K (Ames, Aug. 31) and Chris Robertson was 3rd in 15:38.  Mason was happy, “I set two PRs for myself, I went through the two mile mark in 9:37 (an 8 second PR for me) and my finish time of 15:22 was a 4 second PR as well.”  Plus how many races are named after a Iowa icon?

Danna Kelly tried a new training technique,”Maybe my new marathon prep “strength training”? Ended up 4th at Hy Vee (Des Moines, Sept. 2).  20mph on the 24 mile bike and 6:16 on the 10K, felt semi easy for having done a  23 mile run on Friday afternoon…”

Susis Dyck reports, “This has been a good year of racing, though I confidently look ahead to faster goals to come.  For now, I am thrilled to share that we are expecting my first child in early March, 2013. In the mean time I hope to be heard cheering at local races.”

About Runablaze Iowa
Runablaze Iowa athletes are based throughout Iowa.  Formed in 2006, the purpose of the team is to improve post-collegiate Iowa distance running.  Major Iowa running specialty stores, Iowa races and Iowa runners at those races support Runablaze Iowa.


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