Beattie Dominate for Hawks at Bradley!

The University of Iowa men’s and women’s cross country teams competed in the Bradley Open Friday in Peoria, Ill. Sophomore Kayla Beattie won the three-mile women’s event, while junior Jon Michael Brandt captured a fourth place finish in the men’s 8,000-meters. Team scores were not kept at the event.

The Hawkeye women finished first through fourth in the three-mile event. Beattie took the title when she crossed the line in 16:44. Graduate student Mareike Schrulle followed close behind finishing second with a time of 16:52, while junior Megan Ranegar (17:07) and senior Nicole Benson (17:14) finished fourth and fifth, respectively. Senior Kelsey Hart, West Branch, (8th; 17:39), and freshmen Cindy Saliba (9th; 17:50) and Lisa Gordon (10th; 17:56) each finished among the top ten for the Hawkeyes.

“I thought it was an outstanding effort top to bottom by the Iowa Hawkeyes,” said head women’s cross country coach Layne Anderson.

Brandt was the top finisher for the Hawkeye men in the 8,000-meter event. The junior finished fourth with a time of 25:17. Junior Sam Chaney, Columbus Community, captured an eighth place finish when he crossed the line in 25:34.

“I was happy with our first two finishers (Brandt and Chaney),” said head men’s cross country coach Larry Wieczorek. “They were bright spots in an otherwise disappointing night.”

Freshman Caleb Wilfong (25:42) and senior Cameron Rieger (25:45) finished 10th and 11th, respectively, while senior Nick Holmes (25:50) came in 12th.

“I think we got an early season lesson,” Wieczorek added. “This shows us where we are and how much work we need to do.”

The Hawkeyes will return to action Sept. 21 with the Toledo Bubble Buster in Toledo, Ohio.


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