Cyclones Nick Schulze and Andrea Toppin Show Promise!

Iowa State’s men’s cross country team claimed three of the top five places and the Cyclone women three of the first four finishers at the Drake Bulldog 4K Classic in Des Moines Friday.

Josh Heitkamp, Nick Schulze and Kyle Zankowsky finished third, fourth and fifth respectively for the Iowa State men. Andrea Toppin, Colleen Riley and Bethany Olsen placed second, third and fourth, respectively for the Cyclone women.

1. Brett Eagan, UNI, 12:30; 2. Josh Heitkamp, IOWA STATE, 12:49; 4. Nick Schulze, Indianola, IOWA STATE, 12:52; 5. Kyle Zankowsky, IOWA STATE, 12:53; 11. Alec Borman, IOWA STATE, 13:02; 26. Brandon Barnes, 13:42;

1. Kirsten Lake, Drake, 14:58; 2. Andrea Toppin, Clear Lake, IOWA STATE, 15:04; 3. Colleen Riley, IOWA STATE, 15:06; 4. Bethany Olsen, South Hamilton, IOWA STATE, 15:11; 7. Ejiro Okoro, IOWA STATE, 15:32; 9. Emily Meese, IOWA STATE, 15:39; 11. Erin Valenti, IOWA STATE, 15:51;



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