M.J. on Lolo

There seems to be so much being said, in a negative tone, about what Lolo Jones did or did not accomplish in London.  The media made her a “darling”, they put her on a pedestal.  Everyone wanted some of her time.  Then when she doesn’t win the gold, against the toughest Olympic field EVER, people are so quick to turn on her.
She has done so much for our sport over the last 4 years.  She has put our sport in “prime time”.  More people have paid attention to track and field than ever before because of Lolo!  Lolo Jones!  A native Iowan.  One of our own.  I hope, win or lose, we Iowans will not turn on our own.  I hope that we will be thankful and proud of what this lady did for Track and Field and the state of Iowa.
Check out this interview. Very well done by NBC CLICK HERE

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