We Love LOLO!

Despite what the New York Times says and all of the shrill voices of those nay sayers who have never left their couch without breaking a sweat, The Next Level Iowa LOVES LOLO and how she goes about her business.  Lolo always has been a model of grace and a great example for young girls.  Even as she was trying to somehow get a workout in during the Drake Relays, Lolo made time after for her adoring fans such as Grace Gibbons and Karissa Schweizer.

Lolo Jones takes time for two of her fans. Photo-Kirby

Lolo, pray for and possess  the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, like the opinions and words of ignorant people…

the courage to change the things you can, like your steadfast refusal to let those people bring you down nor diminish the talent, grace and integrity that you model daily for all those little girls who dream of someday “running like Lolo,” but even more than that all those little girls who want to “live like Lolo.”

Thanks Lolo for being one of ours and being one we can be very proud of. You don’t need a medal to prove that you are  a champion to us.

Jim Kirby


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