Flogel 22nd Male at Bix-7

Des Moines – July 30, 2012

Jason Flogel was 23rd overall at the 38th Bix-7 (Davenport, July 28) running 36:35.  He was followed closely by Randy Bill in 29th at 37:01,Joe Aulwes in 49th at 37:57 and Chris Robertson in 60th at 38:26.  The race was held in 70 degrees temperatures.  Chris commented, “I would have liked a faster time, but there is still a long cross country season ahead with a lot of progress to be made.”

At the 4 Seasons Fest (Polk City, July 21) Martin Popp won the 5K in 16:40 followed by Brian Werner in 2nd at 16:44.  The 8K was won byJoe Aulwes in 26:36.  Brian had a good battle with Martin, jokingly said, “I trained for a 3 mile race unfortunately it was a 5k”.  Joe reflected, “This year I wanted to break the course record in the 8k (it’s a very hilly course). Fortunately I felt a lot stronger than last week at Midnight Madness. ”

Chris Robertson won the Solon Beef Days 5 (July 21) in 16:24.

Learn more about the team, visit the web site Runablaze.com

Correction: Danna Kelly was the second female at the Iowa Game Triathlon.


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