In Between Time: Trials to London

Outside of tonight’s runoff for an Olympic team spot in the women’s 100 meters and the London Olympics itself, the 2012 track season is all but over.  What a great season it has been for former Iowa preps.

We want to invite you to continue to check in with The Next Level Iowa on a regular basis as we plan to have feature stories on those competing in London (either before or after the Games), stories about Iowa State’s new outdoor track and field complex, the University of Iowa’s plans to have a stadium type setting at their current outdoor facility, a review of this Track and Field season and a preview of the upcoming Cross Country season.

We hope/plan to have features on summer training from some of our elite Iowan’s, and what the future holds for Ashley Miller as she embarks on a professional career.

We want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has followed this website or contributed in any way, to make it successful.   Getting this project off the ground has gone smoother and faster than we could have imagined.  We are still looking for sponsors/advertisers as we want to add software and hardware that will allow us to post more pictures, plus add video of our former preps in action.

Once again we say Thanks!  And please stay tuned to The Next Level Iowa for Olympic Games coverage and for a look into the future!


Mike Jay and Jim Kirby

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